On July 30, 2015 I celebrated my birthday while behind the wheel of  a Penske truck. My wife, father-in-law and I drove 3000 miles across the country to our new home in California! I have lived in Virginia all my life but my wife is from Sacramento, California. When we met, she moved…(Read More)

About 90% of the time I end up photographing women and when I ask them if they have any reservations about being photographed, 90% percent of the time they tell me, “Don’t make me look fat!” If I tell them show me a pose and get ready to take a shot most of the…(Read More)

Your Junior year is about to come to an end and next year you’ll be a Senior baby! It’s taken about twelve years to get here but it’s almost over. Before you go out with a bang you have to the most bangin’ portraits to show the world who you are! That…(Read More)

It’s a New Year and hopefully this one will be joyful and prosperous. Last year we had the misfortune to lose 3 family members. My wife, Marcy lost her Uncle Dan, Aunt Fran and Aunt Judy. I never had the pleasure to meet Marcy’s uncle Dan before his passing and I wish I…(Read More)

If you ever find yourself in Gloucester, VA just drive about 5-7 miles north of the bridge and look to the left for Sunrise Donuts. As you open the door you’ll enjoy the delicious smell of fresh, homemade donuts that delight the palate.  Owner Holli Cohoon has over 200 donut recipes and makes…(Read More)

Who says custom cabinets have to be expensive? Not according to Paul Sherwood of Contemporary Kitchens, located in Topping, VA.  I got a referral from one of the members of my business group, The Gloucester Business Professionals, that Paul was looking for someone to take product shots of some of his recent pieces. After talking…(Read More)

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a few real estate agents at an event. I see a lot of business cards with headshot photos on them and the reality is many of them don’t look very professional. Headshots are supposed to represent you and your business and should make you look your best…(Read More)

I just recently received one of my client’s wedding album in the mail and I have to say it’s absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to show it to them. As I was flipping through their album checking it over, I thought to myself albums have come long way over the past years…(Read More)

Field of Dreams


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Vanessa. What I loved about photographing Vanessa is that she already had an idea in mind of exactly what she wanted for her shoot. She even went as far as sending me example images that she liked best. After we discussed her shoot it…(Read More)